Photo: Courtesy of Lhyfe

Lhyfe launches its first UK green hydrogen operation

French green hydrogen technology developer Lhyfe has launched its first UK operation with the aim of large-scale decarbonisation.

Lhyfe launches its first UK green hydrogen operation
Courtesy of Lhyfe

The company is building a UK subsidiary in North East England to identify opportunities to deploy production facilities to support the country’s net zero ambitions.

In 2021, Lhyfe inaugurated what it says is the world’s first plant supplying renewable green hydrogen produced using wind power to customers in western France. It is also developing more than 90 projects across Europe.

Lhyfe already has subsidiaries in Germany (opening in 2020), Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden (2021), and Spain (2022).

The company, which will inaugurate the offshore hydrogen production demonstrator in Saint-Nazaire in September 2022, aims to produce hydrogen on a massive scale at sea. The huge offshore wind potential the UK has on offer, particularly in the North Sea, is therefore a major asset for the company.

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Colin Brown, UK country manager of Lhyfe, said: “Renewable green hydrogen production at scale is one of the key solutions to help the UK reach its net zero targets. It’s an enabler that offers a solution to all sectors and parts of society, and the good news is it’s available to be deployed today. We are exploring exciting opportunities across the UK to enable local decarbonisation.”

“The UK can become a global leader in the production of green hydrogen, moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels, improving energy security, contributing to net zero and helping drive the economy. Our mission is to deploy green hydrogen production at scale and grow our operations in line with demand.”

Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe, added: “The speed with which this deployment is taking place – this is our sixth European subsidiary in two years – confirms the growing enthusiasm of European countries for renewable hydrogen.”