Liquid Wind’s second eFuel facility in Sweden receives environmental permit

The Land and Environmental Court in Östersund has granted an environmental permit for FlagshipTWO, Liquid Wind’s large-scale production facility of green electrofuel (eMethanol) in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Illustration of Korstaverket, FlagshipTWO, Sundsvall, Sweden. Source: Sundsvall Energi and Liquid Wind.

The facility, expected to be ready for production in 2027, has been approved to produce up to 130,000 tons of eMethanol annually by applying carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technology.

It will be built in cooperation with Sundsvall Energi and will be connected to Sundsvall Energi’s cogeneration plant Korstaverket, located near the harbor in Tunadal.

“FlagshipTWO and Liquid Wind’s project pipeline of an additional 10 facilities by 2027 will be key contributors to the decarbonization of the maritime sector, and will help secure Swedish production to meet an accelerating demand for green fuels globally,” Liquid Wind claimed.

Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind, said: “We have reached yet another milestone on Liquid Wind’s journey and ambition to reduce dependency on fossil fuel in hard-to-abate sectors, such as long-distance shipping. We are very pleased with this confirmation, which means that FlagshipTWO will become Europe’s largest production facility of eFuels and further support the green transition.”

Anders Jonsson, CEO of Sundsvall Energi, commented: “We congratulate Liquid Wind on the received environmental permit, and we will continue to investigate the possibility of establishing Sundsvall as a hub for the production of future fuels.”

To remind, Liquid Wind submitted an application seeking an environmental permit for its second commercial-scale green electrofuel facility FlagshipTWO at the beginning of 2023.

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The company’s first electrofuel project FlagshipONE was acquired by Danish Ørsted in December 2022, and the construction of the facility began in May 2023. In April 2024, UK-headquartered Carbon Clean started the module assembly process at the project.

At the end of 2023, Liquid Wind submitted an environmental permit application for the company’s third green electrofuel facility FlagshipTHREE at the Land and Environment Court in Umeå. According to Liquid Wind, once operational, FlagshipTHREE will contribute to a 271,000-ton reduction of CO2 emissions annually. Its construction is planned to start in 2024 and the facility is expected to be operational in 2027. The planned production capacity is estimated at 130,000 tons of green electrofuel per year.