Photo: Courtesy of C-LNG

LNG-fueled containership MSC Washington wraps up sea trials

The LNG-fueled ULCV MSC Washington has completed a seven-day sea and gas trial and is back at the Yangzijiang Shipyard, China.

LNG-fueled containership MSC Washington wraps up sea trials
Courtesy of C-LNG

The MSC Washington is an LNG dual-fuel 14K TEU ultra large container vessel (ULCV), equipped with LNG fuel gas supply system (FGSS) by C-LNG Solutions.

The ship is also the first LNG-fueled containership that Swiss shipping giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) chartered. Thus, it will serve the world’s largest container fleet as its first mega flagship powered by LNG.

C-LNG says the ULCV has set many new records in the industry. This includes the selection of the world’s largest C-type LNG fuel tank patent designed by C-LNG. This fuel tank has a capacity of 12,300 cubic metres.

Previously, the prevailing selection of the LNG fuel tank for the ultra-large LNG DF container vessels was either membrane tank or B-Type tank.

The sister vessel MSC Virginia will also feature the C-type LNG fuel tank.

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“With proper design and collaboration between FGSS designer and ship designer, C-type tank is also suitable for large container vessels, and the FGSS system based on C-type tank is the most reliable, operation friendly and cost-saving solution”, said Yang Jiansong from Tiger Gas, the original owner of the ship demonstrated after sea trial.
In addition, this project created a new record for speedy commissioning compared with other similar projects. For example, its seven days of sea trial is much shorter than the other similar projects. 

MSC’s technical team was also involved in the gas trial and sea trial. 

“The performance of FGSS is excellent which shows the strong capability of C-LNG, it is the best LNG system I’ve seen,” said Paul Lucero from MSC.