Luxembourg and Portugal looking into renewable hydrogen corridor

Luxembourg and Portugal have signed a declaration of cooperation on renewable energies, including the development of a renewable hydrogen corridor between the two countries.

Courtesy of MEA

During his visit to Lisbon, Luxembourg’s Minister of Energy, Claude Turmes, signed the declaration with his Portuguese counterpart, Minister Duarte Cordeiro, on 29 May.

According to Luxembourg’s Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, Portugal has potential in renewable energies and their export, mainly in the form of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives. With this in mind, a large electrolyser project to produce renewable hydrogen is planned at the port of Sines.

On the other hand, Luxembourg is said to have experience with different cooperation mechanisms (such as cooperation with Denmark contributing to the development of an artificial energy island in the North Sea) and wants to engage in Portugal to contribute to the exploitation of renewables at optimal cost, pursuing the concrete interest of participating in the development of a European corridor for the import of renewable hydrogen to the Benelux region.

Concretely, Luxembourg supports the creation of a renewable hydrogen corridor between the seaports of Sines and Rotterdam, the ministry said, giving an example that green hydrogen from Rotterdam could be transported to Luxembourg via the port of Mertert.

As part of his visit to Portugal, Minister Turmes also participated in the Lisbon Energy Summit where representatives of the governments of Portugal, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Luxembourg discussed the different approaches to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by accelerating the deployment of renewable energies.