MacArtney Presents Upgraded MERMAC ROV Winch Series

MacArtney Presents Upgraded MERMAC ROV Winch Series

The MacArtney Group introduces the newly upgraded MERMAC R series of ROV winches.

Featuring high power and speed, minimal maintenance requirements, a rugged and compact design, Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and a unique Remote Diagnostics Tool – the MERMAC R series promises to deliver cutting-edge winch solutions for ROV systems and tasks of all types.


Selecting the right winch system for a specific vessel, ROV system and task portfolio is a complex matter. Drawing on its extensive experience as a global supplier of winch and handling solutions, MacArtney aims to facilitate this process, by offering a comprehensive selection of standard and customised MERMAC ROV winch solutions – all featuring the latest within winch design, innovation and technology. Employed for work class and inspection ROV systems alike, MERMAC R winches are available as standalone systems, as part of launch and recovery packages or as part of complete vessel moon pool handling solutions.

MacArtney MERMAC R winches are designed to be highly dependable, versatile and modular systems. Several components are standardised, making it easy for the client to select the required performance and capacity. Moreover, the modularity of MERMAC R winches make them easy to upgrade or reconfigure if their services are eventually required for handling other types of equipment. Another feature of the upgraded MERMAC R series is the dedicated focus on ‘intelligent compactness’ which is incorporated into all winch designs. While taking up less deck space, the design still allows for easy maintenance.

Upgrading uptime with Active Heave Compensation and Remote Diagnostics

The MERMAC R series is empowered by Active Heave Compensation (AHC) which reduces weather-related down time and makes the launch, handling and recovery of tethered equipment (ROV and TMS) easier and safer. Featuring a high-tech motion reference unit and advanced algorithms, MERMAC R AHC winches immediately stabilises submerged equipment (ROV and TMS) by compensating for vessel movement caused by waves – even in heavy seas.

Representing another ‘uptime upgrading’ feature, all MERMAC R winches can now be delivered with an industry-unique Remote Diagnostics Tool which allows MacArtney technicians to remotely monitor and troubleshoot several winch functions in real time. By eliminating unnecessary offshore engineering support, this unique feature potentially offers great cost savings to winch clients and operators.

MacArtney service programme – global support, maintenance and spares

MacArtney offers a comprehensive service and maintenance programme aiming to extend winch system lifetime and minimise downtime. As a programme cornerstone, MacArtney offers worldwide 24/7 service supported by several strategic MacArtney locations across the globe. Beyond remote services, the MacArtney service programme embraces hands on onshore and offshore support. Finally, with a MacArtney service and maintenance programme, winch and handling solution customers can also enjoy benefits such as extended warranty periods and full predictability of costs over the entire system lifespan, making it possible to focus entirely on the core business.

Standard MERMAC R specifications

-Winch speed: Up to 120 m/min

-Winch pull: Up to 195 kN

-Cable length: 2500 – 4500 m

-Cable diameter: 25,4 – 40 mm

Features and benefits

-Active Heave Compensation (AHC)

-Remote diagnostics

-Reliable, compact designs

-Standard and custom models available

-High acceleration and speed

-Low installation cost

-Long service and maintenance intervals

-Service and maintenance programme available

-Painted to offshore standards (NORSOK M-501)

-Can be certified according to ILO 152, DNV 2.7-1 or 2.7-3

Press Release, October 17, 2013


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