Maersk to train Transocean’s offshore crew

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Starting this month Maersk Training will enter into a global training agreement with an international offshore drilling contractor Transocean.

The Danish-based Maersk Training will be responsible for administration of all and delivery of certain training for Transocean’s offshore crew for a period of at least five years.

The agreement adds additional operational centres to the company that started safety and technical training for the offshore industries in the late seventies. Maersk Training will now have centers in ten of the global maritime and offshore production hubs in the world, such as Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States along with facilities in West Africa.

“We have seen a substantial period of growth within safety and operational training, reflecting the oil and gas industry’s push forward in terms of safety and efficiency and we are excited about this agreement, feeling convinced that it will reinforce and further strengthen safety and operational performance in the offshore industry,” says Claus Bihl, CEO of Maersk Training.

Maersk Training says that the agreement comes as the offshore industry continues to upscale competencies of its workforce with increased attention on the importance of overall quality and well-specific training. The significance of training, Maersk Training explains, is becoming more evident as the industry sets out to drill in ever harsher environments and in deeper waters.

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