Magma, Maritime Developments Team Up on Well Intervention

A pipeline manufacturer, Magma Global, has entered into a partnership with back-deck services specialist Maritime Developments to develop a unique well intervention solution for the offshore oil and gas market.

This  partnership aims to meet key common challenges in the well intervention sector by speeding up pipe deployment, reducing project risk and maximising operator return on investment.

The joint venture will deliver a complete back-deck package for deployment and retrieval of Magma’s unique m-pipe® high-strength composite pipe product.

According to the company, m-pipe® is a carbon fibre pipe manufactured using a high-end oilfield polymer resulting in significantly better high pressure high temperature (HPHT) and sour service capability than traditional steel-based products in deep-water applications.

Complementing m-pipe®’s design, Maritime Developments will provide a complete deployment and retrieval package, including a bespoke compact vertical lay system (CVLS) with a built-in reel to keep deployment vessel size down and to minimise back-deck footprint.

Stephen Hatton, technical director of Magma Global: “m-pipe® has been designed to address ongoing challenges faced by oil and gas operators, including the need to maximise production from existing fields by more effective light well intervention.

“Our ongoing partnership with Maritime Developments facilitates a stepwise improvement in current intervention capabilities, combining a high specification pipe with a proven subsea delivery system. The Maritime Developments system will allow m-pipe® to be deployed in a highly efficient and safe manner as a full back-deck solution, with more rapid pipe spooling, deployment and retrieval.

“m-pipe®’s low weight, around ten times lighter in water than steel pipe equivalent, will also enable the use of smaller deployment vessels, a key benefit in well intervention.

“As part of Magma’s partnership with MDL, we can deliver a full package that offers intervention line rental or sales or a combination of both, together with full after-sales support for the operators, depending on their individual needs.”

Derek Smith, chief executive of Maritime Developments: “This is an exciting time for Maritime Developments as we set out to build on our proven expertise in providing forward-thinking back-deck solutions for the energy sector with this new partnership.

“The joint venture with Magma will allow us to push the innovation boundaries once more by delivering an operator-friendly and cost-effective solution in our specialist field of back-deck operations.

“Our bespoke design for Magma will optimise the functionality of the m-pipe® by using our proven equipment, packaged in a way that will deliver the most efficient footprint for handling the product by the operator.

“m-pipe® is a fantastic product and our handling system complements it perfectly, and that is why we are committed to supporting Magma in this current venture as well as working with them to deliver more rapid and efficient deployment systems.”

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