Makai Nets Several Software Sales for Subsea Cabling Ops

Makai Ocean Engineering has made multiple new sales of its software for route engineering, installation planning, and real-time lay control of subsea cables.

Makai’s recent sales include: CSCC – China Submarine Cable Construction, purchased a license of MakaiLay; KCS – Kokusai Cable Ship, purchased a MakaiPlan Pro; GD General Dynamics, purchased an additional MakaiPlan Pro; ALDA Marine, purchased three additional MakaiPlan licenses; And multiple MakaiPlan licenses were purchased by other consultants.

“We are pleased to announce multiple sales of MakaiPlan, MakaiPlan Pro, and MakaiLay to existing and new customers.” said Dr. Venkata Jasti, Makai’s manager of Submarine Cable Systems. “We’ve worked hard on improving the functionality and user-friendliness of Makai’s software suite, especially for subsea power cables. Helping our customers succeed in their route engineering, installation planning, and at-sea cable laying operations is what drives us.”

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