Marine energy innovation hub to be formed in Scotland

Marine Energy Research Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator (MERIKA) aims to create a reference research and innovation hub on the theme of marine energy, with international support and recognition, it is stated in CORDIS’ press release.

EU-funded MERIKA project revolves around establishing the UHI Faculty of Science, Health and Engineering into marine energy research hub in the north of Scotland. This will enable research to be carried out where key resources, including strong tides, waves and wind, are found.

“UHI Faculty of Science, Health and Engineering has already established itself as a respected centre of expertise within Europe’s research community, and MERIKA represents an opportunity to build on this reputation for excellence and become a key global renewable marine energy reference centre,” CORDIS‘ press release reads.

MERIKA identified the Institute of Ocean Energy at Acadia University, the College of the North Atlantic and the Nova Scotia Community College as having complementary interests.

Reinforcing international collaboration with stakeholders from across the marine energy sector is a key objective of the project, along with building research capacity and upgrading infrastructure at the UHI Faculty of Science, Health and Engineering, the press release reads.

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Image: UHI