Marine Energy- The Next Big Thing in Energy

When it comes to establishing the energy transition, all forms of renewable energy are needed. As an untapped and reliable source of energy, marine energy can play an important role in complementing the future energy mix.

What is the potential of marine energy and what collaborations do we see with the offshore and maritime sectors?

Industry majors Andries Unen, CEO of Tocardo, Richard Parkinson, CEO of Inyanga Marine Projects, Patrik Möller, CEO of Corpower Ocean, and Kim Nielsen, Wave Energy Consultant at Ramboll, discuss the next big thing in energy joined by moderator Peter Scheijgrond, Director of MET-Support (Project manager INTERREG 2SEAS ENCORE for Dutch Marine Energy Centre).

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After the session, Peter Scheijgrond, joined our host Eva Brouwer at the Energy Plaza for some final comments on marine energy and the huge potential it offers.

“Finding the right technologies and making them reliable, and making sure that the performance meets up to the same level as wind and solar is something that we have to demonstrate now,” he says.

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