Marine Group Contributes to Green Boat Repairs, USA

Marine Group Contributes to Green Boat Repairs

With support from the Port of San Diego, Chula Vista’s Marine Group Boat Works is doing its part to make yacht repair, vessel construction, and hull painting more environmentally friendly.

The South Bay boat repair and new construction facility, and member of the Port’s Green Business Network, is taking an active role in implementing sustainable business practices.

“San Diego Bay is a precious resource for all of us, and it’s our job to ensure that nothing we do goes back into the bay,” said Todd Roberts, Vice President of Marine Group Boat Works.

The Green Business Network is an integrated energy efficiency and sustainability effort spearheaded by the Port of San Diego and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E).

As part of the Network, Marine Group Boat Works made several money-saving enhancements including:

– Conducting an SDG&E energy audit, resulting in one-quarter reduction in usage in 2011 and an additional 7 percent less in 2012.

– Changing lighting to energy-efficient LED lights.

– Using a higher voltage and more efficient storm-water pump and filter.

Marine Group Boat Works is also a zero-discharge facility, in that it is fully surrounded by a stormwater drainage system and uses plastic shrink-wrap to contain all of its sandblasting and painting activities, preventing runoff from entering the bay.

The biggest change in energy usage came from replacing large air compressors that power the facility’s welding machines, spray paint tools and other operations. The new air compressors go into standby mode rather than running nonstop, thereby saving energy.

Marine Group Boat Works has been in business for over 25 years and specializes in repairs to government vessels, commercial vessels, tugboats, barges, fishing boats, and large private yachts while also building specialty crafts for the Navy.

Members of the Green Business Network – which include Port tenant restaurants, marinas, hotels and attractions – strive to reduce their environmental impact by taking advantage of free technical assistance, attending monthly training on green business tactics, and sharing best-practices with fellow businesses.


Press Release, December 17, 2012