MaRINET2 fixes marine call three

Illustration/Sabella tidal turbine testing at CNR-INSEAN (Photo: MaRINET2)

The EU-funded MaRINET2 project has set up the third call for free access to testing facilities, designed for ocean energy developers, that will be launched on the first day of the month of November.

Successful applicants will receive free access to the network of 57 world-leading testing and research facilities across Europe under a €10.5 million MaRINET2 project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

Illustration/Sabella tidal turbine testing at CNR-INSEAN (Photo: MaRINET2)

The call will be open to offshore energy technology developers, including wind, wave and tidal energy at system and component level, from November 1 until December 15, 2018.

Jose Luis Villate, MaRINET2 Dissemination Coordinator, and offshore renewable energy director at Tecnalia, highlighted the need of collaboration around offshore renewable technologies.

“Access to testing and research infrastructures within MaRINET2 will open collaboration opportunities among different actors in the sector. This is a positive development,” said Villate.

Christophe Maisondieu, MaRINET2 Access Coordinator at Ifremer, said: “The first MaRINET project supported 178 projects over a period of 4.5 years, and had a considerable impact on research into offshore renewables in Europe. We will look forward to building on this success in MaRINET2, and help develop exciting new renewable energy technologies from around Europe.”

Coordinated by the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI) in Ireland, MaRINET2 – Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network – is a network of 39 partners in 13 European countries, involving research centers and organizations who work together to progress offshore renewable energy technologies such as wave, tidal and offshore-wind.