Maritime Control Room Becomes Operational

Maritime Control Room Becomes Operational

Royal Dirkzwager and VisSim announced that the Maritime Control Room for Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring has become operational. This Maritime Control Room, located in Maassluis, is the first independent third party Monitoring center in Europe.

The dedicated 24/7 team of Dirkzwager’s Offshore & Pilotage Services, monitor (for multiple customers) a variety of Offshore assets (Windfarms, Oil & Gas installations, Meteo masts) and other objects such as dangerously located wrecks. Also fishery activities are observed as this may create risk for damaging subsea cables.

By combining radar, AIS and CCTV technology shipping activities that may lead to collision risk for these valuable offshore assets are continuously being monitored. A unique and specially developed software system supports this operation. This system is already in use by Windfarms and Oil&Gas installations worldwide.

On April 24th 2013 VisSim AS of Norway and Royal Dirkzwager started a long-term partnership in the field of Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring, ROAM©, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The two companies are creating joint monitoring service products for the oil & gas and windfarm projects, both during the construction- and operational phases, The aim is to assist owners and operators of such projects in reducing cost and operational and environmental risks. The unique combination of capabilities from Vissim and Royal Dirkzwager provides a cost efficient and highly effective monitoring solution for owners and operators of Offshore assets.


Press Release, August 15, 2013



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