Mauritius microgrid project gets design funding

The Australian wave energy developer, Carnegie Wave Energy, has secured Au$800,000 ($583,500) for a Mauritian wave and microgrid design project.

The funding, controlled by the Mauritian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has been awarded for the study and design of projects focused on high penetration renewable energy microgrids incorporating wave energy on Mauritius and the neighbouring island of Rodrigues.

The total value of the design activities is Au$990,000 ($717,000) of which the Mauritian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development will contribute Au$800,000 (from the Australian Government) with the balance being contributed in-kind from Carnegie, the company said in press release.

The project will focus on three areas:

  • delivery of a renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, including technical, commercial and financial feasibility of high penetration renewable energy,
  • assessment of the Mauritian wave energy resource and the identification of a preferred site for a commercial CETO wave energy project,
  • design of a microgrid powered desalination plant on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues.

Australia‚Äôs High Commissioner to Mauritius, Susan Coles, said: “Access to clean, renewable energy is critical for Mauritius and other small island states, and is a key to unlocking their economic prosperity. The Australian High Commission is pleased to be working with Carnegie as an innovative Australian technology developer to assist with enabling high renewable energy penetration on islands and to develop a local capability to deliver these.”

Michael Ottaviano, CEO of Carnegie, said: “The Australian Government should be commended on demonstrating its commitment to renewable microgrid solutions that have the potential to deliver high resilience clean power and freshwater for islands.”

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