Photo: Courtesy of MDL

MDL backs TechnipFMC’s projects in North Sea

Back-deck equipment specialist Maritime Developments (MDL) has completed two projects for subsea services provider TechnipFMC in two North Sea basins.

Specifically, MDL flex-lay spread has completed two subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowline (SURF) installations for TechnipFMC.

The MDL flex-lay spread, consisting of a second-generation reel drive system (RDS), four-track pipelay tensioner, and an overboarding chute, was mobilised onboard the diving support vessel (DSV) Deep Arctic.

According to the company, the system was mobilised to execute a 70.4-millimetre umbilical installation in the UK North Sea in September.

Following the end of the first project, the vessel entered into Norwegian waters where the spread was deployed to lay a 5” flexible jumper.

The versatility of MDL equipment meant that the spread could handle the varying reel sizes – between 8.6 metres and 9.2 metres – with the same deck layout, MDL said.

The company added that by utilising both two-track and four-track modes on the tensioner, as well as the tensioner’s low-squeeze mode, the difference in product OD from 70-millimetre to 177.10-millimetre diameter was handled efficiently without any issues.

“These two projects are a perfect example of how open communications between all parties add value to offshore operations. By combining the two projects into a single vessel campaign, mobilisation/de-mobilisation costs and time were cut in half, compared to carrying out these installations as standalone missions”, said Pehlaj Tenneti, MDL project manager.

“With TechnipFMC’s teams on both sides of the North Sea collaborating on the execution schedules, the idle time between these two installations was also reduced to a minimum”.

Earlier this year, the MDL flex-lay spread was also used to install two six-inch flexible jumpers for the engineering and marine services company DOF Subsea offshore Angola.

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