Metocean Analytics rounds up Australia area

Open Ocean’s metocean analysis software Metocean Analytics has added new regional datasets for a large area surrounding Australia.

The newly added regional datasets include New Caledonia, the south of Papua New Guinea and the south of Indonesia.

Metocean Analytics now provides wind, wave, ocean current, temperature and salinity data and statistics based on regional numerical datasets.

It is suitable for companies looking to start a project around the Australia area, Open Ocean said.

Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the search and analysis process for potential sites, thanks to a large catalog of currents, waves and wind data, according to Open Ocean.

The data is coupled with statistical tools that analyze the locations of interest, and an editing tool which provides reports on-demand.

Open Ocean is a Paris-based company that specializes in high resolution numerical modeling, statistical analysis and data mining, and offers services for the marine renewable energy sector.