Ministry of Defence Invites Tenders for Supply of LARS (UK)

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UK Ministry of Defence’s DE&S Organization has issued a tender for a diver Launch and Recovery System (LARS).

Ministry of Defence Issues LARS Tender (UK)

Salvage and Marine Operations has a requirement for a diver LARS to support surface supply diving operations to 50m.

One of the key requirements is for LARS not to have a footprint larger than 20 feet ISO container and to be able to deploy two surface supplied air divers to a depth of 50m. It should comply with all relevant UK regulations and industry guidelines and be off the shelf of proven design.

Furthermore, it should be able to deploy two divers to a working depth of 50m from a vessel with a freeboard of up to 5m.

The diver basket should be big enough to comfortably accommodate two divers and it needs to have fixings for an emergency air supply cylinder with a capacity of not less than 50l, manufactured from stainless steel, fitted with limit switches to prevent over winching. The basket and winch need to have a payload of no less than 500kg.

The LARS should have a clump weight system in order to stabilise the diver basket and prevent rotation and should weigh at least 200 kg. The LARS should include a separate winch to operate the clump weight and the clump must be able to deploy to 60m depth from a vessel with a 5m freeboard. The LARS needs to be supplied with local and remote controls.

The project is expected to last for four months from date of contract award.

The deadline for submission of tenders is June 9, 2014.

Subsea World News Staff, May 23, 2014
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