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Morrison wins GoM decom work with Hoactzin

Louisiana-based contractor Morrison has won a contract from Hoactzin for a turnkey decommissioning project in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Credit: Morrison

Specifically, Morrison will be responsible for the total field decommissioning for the six structures within the Hoactzin facility.

“What we can provide is extremely unique in that we are one of very few U.S. contractors in the region with the portfolio of experience to provide full decommissioning management packages,” said Morrison CEO Chet Morrison. “We continue to establish trust and confidence with all parties, including regulators, demonstrating to the decommissioning industry our position as an industry leader.”

To further Morrison’s commitment to the decommissioning market, and supplement the existing in-house expertise, the company made a strategic move earlier this year by hiring industry expert Jon Minshall.

Minshall brings over 30 years of industry experience, including decommissioning projects in North America and Europe.

His background also includes management of projects and business units in the oil and gas, civil engineering and marine salvage industries in over 30 countries worldwide.

“Decommissioning obligations can put a strain on some operators’ liquidity, may become human resource challenging, and often requires a significant corporate focus,” said Minshall, business strategies and global operations.

He also said that by providing services for all phases of total field decommissioning, Morrison can relieve operators of the inevitable, sizeable workload and financial burden of these facilities.