Multi Maritime Launches Latest MSV Concept

In January 2014 Multi Maritime AS launched its latest concept for the series of MM offshore multi-purpose designs called MM 95 MSV.

Multi Maritime Launches Latest MSV Concept

The design is continuing the success of the offshore “sisters” previously designed by Multi Maritime AS as MM66 MSV known in the market as “Atlantis Dweller”, MM76 MSV “Stril Explorer”, MM 85 MSV “Stril Krunborg” and MM78 WSV concept dedicated for serving Offshore Wind installations.

The MM 95 MSV design has collected into itself the well-proven performance of her “sisters”, latest marine and offshore technologies and market’s trends and requirements.

Having the length of 95 meters and cruising with 15 knots the vessel has the following key figures:

– 90 POB accommodation

– Open deck area – 750 m2

– Sheltered deck area – 500 m2

– Main crane – AHC 100 tons

– Two side hangars for working ROV or dive spreads

– Sikorsky S-92 helicopter deck

– DP 2

– Active motion compensated gangway 23 m – AS AN OPTION

MM 95 MSV is very commercially and technically competitive and the ideal offshore tool for IRM works, ROV services, DIVING support, SURVEY services, SUBSEA CRANE operations and RFO service.


Press Release, January 30, 2014

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