N-Sea boosts controlled flow excavation capacity

Dutch-based N-Sea has completed an investment and upgrade program of its Renewables and Utilities Department (RUS).


The main focus is cable management and asset integrity.

To that end, the company has set up a management team to oversee this department.

They have also completed an upgrade program of their tools and equipment to enhance controlled flow excavation (CFE) capabilities.

N-Sea has a proven track-record with the use of non-contact methods for burial, remedial works and cable repair.

The firm believes this asset together with survey and engineering capabilities boosts its position when offering turnkey solutions.

N-Sea engineering manager, Ruud Houtman, said:

“N-Sea have recently performed studies and tests which further demonstrates the capabilities of our Twin and Quad Prop tools.

“The results of our study can provide us and our clients the knowledge and confidence that our tools can perform in the environments required.

“We are also very fortunate to have management and operational personnel who have a depth of knowledge for the integrity of cable and the performance of remedial burial, corrective maintenance, and repair to subsea assets.”

Renewable and Utilities operation manager, Dale McDonald, stated:

“The investment, time and effort made into the CFE tools within N-Sea is an important step, having these tools available in house enables the RUS department to offer more integrated maintenance and repair services to the renewable sector.

“Our powerful QuadProp is one of very few CFE tools on the market with a dedicated launch and recovery system.

“This system allows for a safer more controlled deployment and offers more stability to the tool whilst in operation.”

N-Sea CEO, Arno van Poppel, also stated:

“This investment is only one part of our drive to help asset owners control and maintain the subsea asset during its life cycle and we are excited to be releasing more news regarding our services in the very near future.”