NAVANTIA Lands Another Contract in Australia

The Spanish state-owned company, NAVANTIA has secured another contract from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

NAVANTIA Lands Another Contract in Australia

RAN has contracted an extension of the supply of the Integrated Platform Management System, with the target of incorporating an advanced training system on board: On Board Training System (OBTS).

The OBTS consists of a simulation software that provides to the crews a training facility, thanks to the simulation of the equipments, and systems connected to the IPMS, as well as its dynamic response to the actions of the operator.

The software implements a dynamic coherent real time simulation and allows the operators of the IPMS consoles, to connect to a virtual ship for individual and in-groups training.

The OBTS is a complement of the IPMS that provides a high degree of training to the crews in order to respond to any possible situation in real navigation. The OBTS is implemented on the basis of the technology COMPLEX/SIMPLEX developed by Navantia Sistemas.

The value of this extension of supply is approximately $4.1 million, and will be developed during a term of 24 months.


navantia, March 18, 2014