Nessco Group Names New Business Manager for MetOcean (UK)

Nessco Group Names New Business Manager for MetOcean (UK)

Nessco Group, a RigNet company, has appointed Phil Goodall to grow the Company’s international offshore weather monitoring business.

Goodall, who takes up the position of business development manager for MetOcean, will oversee the globalisation of the company’s unique offering in meteorology and weather data systems.

The MetOcean system gathers accurate weather information that is critical to aviation and marine operations in the oil and gas industry. The bespoke Nessco Integrated MetOcean System (NIMOS) software processes the data in real time to support weather dependent operations offshore.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Goodall joined from StormGeo where he established the company’s Aberdeen weather forecasting office. He studied Meteorology and Physics at Reading University and during his summer placement was one of the first weathermen offshore in the North Sea in 1974.

Goodall said: “I hope to use my expertise in offshore weather to take this unique Nessco service around the world. MetOcean has had considerable success in the North Sea, but now, with a proven track record in this niche area, we have something to offer every offshore province around the world.

“Without accurate weather monitoring, offshore operations cannot be carried out safely. Factors such as wave height, sea current, wind speed and cloud height impact on operations, including helicopter flights, ROV deployment and over-side working. Accurate weather information allows more effective planning and efficient operations resulting in improved safety and reduced costs.”

Nessco also provides the UK offshore industry network, a live online database for weather monitoring across all North Sea assets, on behalf of Oil & Gas UK. This system supplies data from more than 90 offshore sites to helicopter operators, and complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s CAP437 specification for reporting of weather from offshore helidecks.

Nessco designs, engineers and deploys integrated telecommunications networks, providing total solutions for platforms, process plants and pipeline installations. Established in 1979, Nessco has grown into a global company with operations in Brazil and Azerbaijan and has plans for further expansion. Nessco was acquired by RigNet, Inc., a leading global provider of managed remote communications solutions to the oil and gas industry in 2012.


Press Release, January 9, 2013

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