Photo: Illustration (Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0)

NeSSIE developers schedule one-to-one with supply chain

Stage one developers for the NeSSIE project have organized a webinar to offer clarifications to the supply chain companies looking to apply to the call to join three demonstration projects related to developing commercial solutions for corrosion.

Participants of the webinar will have a chance to get insights from three project developers – SIMEC Atlantis Energy, SSE, and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) – selected for the second stage of the NeSSIE project, whose main goal is to develop commercial corrosion solutions for tidal, wave and offshore wind industries.

The companies will focus on explaining the specific technical challenges to fight corrosion issues – put forward in their projects to be developed in the North Sea Basin – according to the organizers, in order to better prepare the interested parties for the call for proposals they recently launched for supply chain companies.

After the webinar, the attendees will have are expected to have a clear view on how the demonstration projects will be developed, and what role the participating solution providers can play.

They will also be able to evaluate whether the solutions they have to offer fit in one of the demonstration projects, and how they can communicate it properly to the NeSSIE team using the call application documents.

The webinar, scheduled for November 12, 2018, will also be recorded and released to public, the organizers said.

Once stage two of the project is complete, the NeSSIE project partners will work with the project developers to develop business cases for each demonstration project and will help to identify potential funding packages to deliver them.