Nevsky Shipyard Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Nevsky Shipyard Celebrates 100th Anniversary

On November 6th, 2013 Nevsky Shipyard celebrated 100 years from the date of foundation. The shipbuilder prepared large celebration programme for the anniversary. It began from the honoring of the veterans dedicated many years of life to Nevsky Shipyard.

In Schliesselburg History Museum the special gift edition of “Historical Chronicles” was presented to Nevsky Shipyard veterans. This book was issued specially for the shipyard anniversary. The presentation aroused keen interest among the honored workers of the enterprise, because many of them took active part in the book preparation: they shared with theirs memories, provided photo materials and documents of different years.

After that the veterans made a tour of the Nevsky which was prepared specially for them and looked new workshops, updated equipment meeting the latest requirements. So they could see the prospects and successful operation of the shipyard for themselves.

At the end of the day solemn evening was held at which the Director General of Nevsky Shipyard, Vladimir Prudyus handed to veterans with honorary diplomas and gifts.

On November 1st, 2013, formal celebration of the anniversary began in Schliesselburg History Museum by opening of exhibition dedicated to this remarkable date.

Great attention of the shipyard’s workers and guests was attracted to unveiling of Memorial Plate in memory of the workers path of glory and renewed Board of honor. The honorary right to open Memorial Plate was given to Nevsky Shipyard veteran, holder of the order of the Honor Badge, laureate of State Prize for Excellence in Work – Valentina Vereschaga and honoured worker, turner of manufacturing equipment repair – Sergey Startsev. Twenty best workers of the Shipyard entered to Board of honour were awarded with diplomas and gifts.

Celebration evenings dedicated to the Shipyard anniversary took place in culture and sport complex “Nevsky”. The Director General of Nevsky Shipyard Vladimir Prudyus opened the celebration. In his speech Vladimir Prudyus cordially congratulated all the workers and veterans with anniversary of native enterprise.

Awarding of the best shipbuilders, honoring of veterans, speeches of guests, authorities representatives and partners, gala concert – all this made celebration evening colorful and various.

In the future Nevsky Shipyard is expected to reach further achievements, make working feats and success.



Press Release, November 11, 2013

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