New business structure for James Fisher Offshore

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) has divided its UK team into specialised divisions to meet the requirements of its two key markets: the decommissioning sector and the life of field industry.

Courtesy: James Fisher Offshore
James Fisher Offshore worker
Courtesy: James Fisher Offshore

According to the company, this approach enables customers to work with a dedicated team that focuses solely on the demands of their specific operations; increasing efficiency, reducing project delivery timescales, and ensuring market-leading results.

For the decommissioning sector, JFO said that its expert team can tailor its approach to meet the unique requirements of any project scope. Specialising in removal of subsea infrastructure, this new dedicated team should help drive efficiencies through early engagement, provide in-depth technical consultation, and offer ongoing support to ensure that all project delivery stages are completed to a high standard.

In addition, JFO’s equipment rental customers also stand to benefit from the company’s new dual structure. Working exclusively to support drilling, IRM (inspections, repairs, and maintenance), and subsea operations, the new life of field team can now deliver quicker quotations, faster lead times, and increased flexibility to help its customers keep pace with their demanding project timeframes, the company explains.

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Jack Davidson, managing director of JFO, said:

“We believe by evolving as a business and strengthening our specialist teams we can help our customers maximise efficiencies and successfully deliver their projects on time in these challenging global conditions.”

To support its new approach, JFO has also strengthened its team by recruiting the experts in the field to offer increased assistance for its clients. Specifically, these new team members provide the company’s global customers with a responsive source of regionally-tailored support and advice to help complete their projects on schedule and to budget.

Finally, looking to the future, JFO added that it continues to expand its worldwide capabilities by investing in new facilities, technologies, and methods, and this new structure should help to solidify its position as the supplier of choice for decommissioning solutions and life of field services.