New deliverables from DTOceanPlus project

The EU-funded DTOceanPlus project has recently produced two new deliverables now openly shared with the marine energy sector.


Deliverable D7.3 – Scenarios Input Data which describes the compilation of required data inputs for the various validation scenarios.

A set of project data characterises each scenario, inherent to the technology as well as metocean conditions and other location related data.

Further engagement with the validation leaders is ensuring adequate formation of the data for the purposes of running the DTOceanPlus tools.

Deliverable D8.2 – Analysis of the European Supply Chain analyses the value chain of ocean energy, regarding its stakeholders, structure, current engagement and breakdown of project costs.

It explores the mapping of the opportunities for European companies and encompasses the typical project lifecycle activities, such as project management, supply of ocean energy devices and balance of plant, as well as the installation, commissioning, operations&maintenance, and decommissioning activities.

In May this year, DTOceanPlus also produced five deliverables and finalised the implementation of standalone alpha versions for the different tools and modules.

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The aim of the DTOceanPlus project is to develop and demonstrate a suite of second generation advanced design tools for the selection, development and deployment of ocean energy systems, including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays.

With the budget of €8 million, the project should last until April 2021.

The project includes European companies also with international partners from the United States.