New High-Tech Product from Zhenjiang Shipyard Wins Approval

New High-Tech Product from Zhenjiang Shipyard Wins Approval

Recently, an ASD tugboat developed by Zhenjiang Shipyard was approved by Jiangsu Technology Department as a provincial new high-tech product.

Featured by high-efficiency, energy-saving and superpower, it also represents the intellectual property rights of Zhenjiang Shipyard.

Based on the design and manufacture ability of multifunctional ASD tugboats, Zhenjiang Shipyard made further efforts on new products R&D. Thus the new ASD tugboat boasts a main propulsion system total power of more than 6000kw, a towing force of more than 96t, an astern bollard pull of more than 90t and a free sailing speed of more than 14kn, which meets the individual requirements of superpower and high-efficiency from ship owners.

The new product also applies self-developed patent skills such as energy-saving and green technology. It also represents the upgrade of ASD tugboat series and improves its core competitiveness.


Press Release, September 23, 2013