New managing director for Seatronics

Seatronics managing director

Acteon’s marine technology company Seatronics has appointed Derek Donaldson as its new Group managing director.

Donaldson joined Seatronics in 2008 as vice president Asia Pacific, where he established Seatronics Pte as the regions key supplier. Following this success, Seatronics promoted him into the role of vice president – Global Operations.

Most recently Donaldson moved into the role of vice president Global Growth. There he took on the task to further the company’s diversification strategy in an ever-evolving energy sector.

Specifically, he oversees the ROV product development program. This has been a key component in the company’s desire to actively disrupt existing markets.

Donaldson will replace Phil Middleton, who joined MacArtney Group as their new managing director for UK operations, after spending over 18 years at Seatronics.

Middleton will be joining MacArtney from 1 December, 2020, heading up operations based out of Aberdeen.

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As the new managing director, Derek Donaldson, also said: “I am delighted to take over the reigns from Phil. We have worked very closely together and he has done a fantastic job navigating the business through some of the most challenging times in the last 5 years. I wish Phil the very best for his next challenge and I just hope that I can replicate the success we have enjoyed over the years.”