Photo: The setup used to simulate the seabed at CEHIPAR 6m-deep still-water basin (Image: Seaplace)

New marine current turbine concept set for Spanish try-outs

The novel concept of Seaplace and Magnomatics, known as FTMC Turbine, will be put through its paces in the coming weeks at the CEHIPAR basin in Madrid, Spain.

The FTMC device, standing for floating tension-tethered and self-steerable marine-current turbine, is being developed through collaboration between Spanish and UK-based companies – Seaplace and Magnomatics – under the Eurostars Program, aimed at market-oriented transnational projects.

The turbine has been designed to harness marine currents in locations where the distance from the fastest currents to the seabed are high.

It allows the exploitation of marine currents in areas deeper than 60 meters, or in areas with irregular seabed where fixed devices cannot allow an economical exploitation, according to Seaplace.

The solution combines Magnomatics’ magnetically-geared Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD) generator, and Seaplace’s self-steerable turbine concept.

The project, costing around €1.6 million, began on April 1, 2016 and will last for 32 months.

The upcoming trials will be conducted at CEHIPAR (Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo, known also as El Pardo Model Basin) in a 6-meter deep still-water basin.

Founded by the Spansih Navy, CEHIPAR is an independent public center for research, technological development and technical services.