New Pumping Control System from Dragflow

Dragflow has introduced their new Pumping Control System that allows operators and site managers to have a clear vision of the dredging operation.

Control Package can be applied to any Dragflow Equipment: from a simple stand alone Pump to a complete dredger, said the company.

The system is managed through a 7″ handheld tablet and provides live information on power consumption for each component, working depth and incoming voltage to the dredge panel, as well as the possibility to turn On/Off any components.

It will also provide maintenance managers with immediate feedback if there is any event that requires their intervention, clearly stating the causes and possible solutions, said Dragflow.

The standard package monitors 36 parameters and is fully customizable, being able to monitor density, flow, pressure as needed. All data history is recorded on a cloud and is accessible to project managers to check on dredging progress.

This system allows to have everything under an accurate control, anytime and anywhere, said the company.