New WERPO Wave Project Launches in South Africa

Blackbird International Corporation, a renewable sea wave energy technology player, has through its wholly owned affiliate WERPO and Wadamba Technovations, its partner in South Africa, initiated a new power plant project in South Africa.

Blackbird has agreed to set up this Joint Venture in order to erect a 500 MW power plant off South Africa.

According to the company, this initial project should generate in excess of $140,000,000 in revenues annually.

Daniel Naimi, head of operations, stated: “We are most pleased with not only this joint venture but that this advances us in increasing our footprint in African countries.”

“South Africa’s nearly 3,000 km of coastline is the landing site for waves that are perfect for electricity generation with WERPO’s sea-wave technology. The government of South Africa has expressed the desire to take advantage of their coastline as a way to achieve their alternative energy goals through the implementation of a series of power plants,” said the company in a statement.