New Zealand: Rena Container Removal Operation Continues

New Zealand - Rena Container Removal Operation Continues

Salvors will continue container removal operations today as the weather remains favorable.

Yesterday, 17 containers were removed from the no. 5 and 6 holds thus the total estimated number of containers still on board is 881. Although 389 containers have been so far removed from Rena, 98 is still believed to have been lost overboard.

According to the weather forecast, the ship will face severe weather this weekend, with the worst weather now expected on Monday. In expectation of the bad weather, salvors are conducting all necessary operations to protect the vessel from waves 6-7m high.

In expectation of the bad weather front, salvors will tomorrow (Saturday) bring

The crane barge Smit Borneo will be brought back to the port on Saturday. Salvors will complete routine maintenance on the barge carrying out other related works. The support vessel Go Canopus will remain on site to monitor the condition of Rena.

Easily and safely accessible containers on the bow of the vessel have been fitted with transponders in anticipation of the severe weather.

Erecting of a temporary gangway between the forward and aft sections of ship is being conducted.

Since high gas levels were detected in the no.5 hold late yesterday, the work had to be stopped for safety reasons.

The forward and aft sections of the vessel are still firmly grounded on the reef and divers hope to be able to inspect the recent damage to the vessel today.

Braemar Howells and its teams are ready to respond to further potential container and debris loss from the Rena.


World Maritime News Staff, January 6, 2012; Image: Maritime NZ