NKT power cable factory

NKT power cable factories go green

Cabling specialist NKT is now powering its power cable manufacturing with electricity from renewable energy.


This is reducing its CO2-emissions from energy consumption by 66 per cent.

For NKT, the move to green electricity is a step in supporting the global transition to renewables by reducing the carbon footprint of its power cable solutions.

Alexander Kara, president & CEO of NKT, said:

“We are taking our responsibility seriously as a key contributor to the infrastructure needed for the green transformation.

“Running our manufacturing on green electricity is yet another milestone in our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure that the development of the global power grids is based on the technologies with the lowest environmental footprint possible.

NKT has entered into agreements with local utilities to ensure that the power supply originates from renewable energy sources.

This goes for the NKT manufacturing sites in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Czech Republic.

For NKT, the move to green electricity is part of a series of initiatives to decarbonise its power cable solutions.

Other initiatives include recycling of materials such as XLPE and metals from the production of power cables.

Also, there are dedicated projects to increase the energy efficiency of its cable manufacturing.

Furthermore, NKT owns and operates NKT Victoria, which is the most sustainable cable laying vessel in the offshore industry.

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