NORDEN Picks LR to Class Its Entire Fleet

Copenhagen-based tramp ship operator Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S has contracted Lloyd’s Register to class 57 ships, including the full NORDEN fleet and other externally managed NORDEN owned ships.

Some 32 of the ships in the agreement will be transfer of class (ToC) ships and include nine new ships which will transfer to LR upon delivery. In addition, 16 externally managed ships will also be transferred to LR as part of the agreement. Currently, four ships are currently classed by LR.

The ToC of NORDEN’s fleet started with the entry of product tanker Nord Mermaid into LR class.

 “Our good working relationship with the client and the in-house capabilities we have here in Copenhagen to consistently support them was essential in securing the contract. Classing ships like bulkers and tankers and providing day-in, day-out service delivery is our key activity. We are here to help make sure NORDEN ships can trade as safely and efficiently as possible, taking every care to support them in their business goals,” said LR’s Copenhagen based Marine Client Manager, Flemming Kjeldsen.