Norway: KOTUG Celebrates 25th Anniversary

KOTUG Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Over the past 25 years international maritime service provider KOTUG has been transformed from a European to a global player in the maritime industry. KOTUG’s family history goes back more than a century. In 2013 KOTUG is celebrating its 25 years jubilee.

 From European to global player

As a fast growing towage company KOTUG is expanding its innovative services to ports and terminals in Europe, West-Africa and Australia. With a young and powerful fleet of 40 tugs, KOTUG operates in a variety of markets, including towage services in ports and at sea as well to the salvage, offshore and dredging industry. KOTUG’s strategic objectives include expanding its global presence through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and organic growth.

KOTUG has started towage operations in Germany’s new deep sea port Wilhelmshaven (September 2012) and will be serving its clients at the oil and gas terminals in Londen on the River Thames, UK (as from July 2013).

Next to Europe, KOTUG started in Cameroon, West Africa (January 2013) and Australia (July 2012). Australia is a key growth market for KOTUG. To strengthen its position, KOTUG has formed the joint venture KT Maritime Service Australia Pty Ltd. with Teekay Shipping Australia. KT Maritime has been established to provide marine towage solutions to the Australian energy and nature resources industry.

Currently 4 powerful 80+ bollard pull Rotor®tugs are operating in Port Hedland on behalf of BHPBIO Minerals. Two more 80+ bollard pull Rotor®tugs RT Sensation and RT Inspiration will join in Port Hedland during the coming months.

 Additional young and powerful fleet

As part of the global strategy, KOTUG continues to invest in modern and powerful tugs to provide high quality services with well trained, dedicated and certified crew. KOTUG operates one of the youngest and most powerful fleets in the world. The average age of KOTUG fleet is 6 years.KOTUG is proud to announce the introduction of the following modern and powerful tugs that will support its global growth:

 April 2013, SD Salvor

SD Salvor is a Rampart, 3200 Robert Allan design Sterndrive deep sea tug with a bollard pull of 67 tons. SD Salvor will join the fleet to strengthen KOTUG’s seagoing and offshore activities.

April 2013, SD Sparta

SD Sparta is a new build Rampart 3200 Robert Allan design Sterndrive harbour tug with a bollard pull of 66 tons, built by Medmarine Shipyards Turkey.

 June 2013, SD Dolphin

SD Dolphin is a new build Damen 3212 Sterndrive harbour tug with a bollard pull of 80 tons. KOTUG needed an additional powerful harbour tug quickly and Damen could deliver her from stock”.

Mid 2014, four new designed Rotor®tugs “ART 80-32” will be built:

The revolutionary new ART 80-32 Rotor®tugs are designed by KST B.V. and Robert Allan Ltd. The Rotor®tugs are 32 meters long and have a bollard pull of minimum 80 tons over the stern and bow.

The order for these four new ART 80-32 Rotortugs has been placed at two shipyards, Damen Shipyards and Cheoy Lee Shipyards. Two new build hybrid Rotor®tugs will be constructed by Damen Shipyards in Europe. It is the first time that Damen Shipyards constructs a Robert Allan design hybrid Rotor®tug. These Rotor®tugs will be equipped with Aspin Kemp & Associates’ (AKA) XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System, similar as the first E-KOTUG, RT Adriaan.

The other two new build Rotor®tugs will be built at the well known Cheoy Lee Shipyards Hong Kong. It is the first time that Cheoy Lee Shipyards constructs a Robert Allan design Rotor®tug. All four vessels will be delivered in 2014. KOTUG will charter this newly designed harbour tugs from Elisabeth Ltd.

Kotug, March 27, 2013




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