Norway: TGS Commences 8th Season of Long Offset Acquisition in Cooperation with Fugro

TGS announced another season of acquisition of long offset data on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) in cooperation with Fugro.

The data to be collected (shown on the attached map) include approximately 15,000 km for the North Sea Renaissance (NSR) survey in Holland, Norway and UK, approximately 10,000 km for the Mid-Norway Regional (MNR) survey in the Norwegian Sea and approximately 15,000 km for the Norwegian Barents Sea Regional (NBR) survey in the Barents Sea.

TGS will dedicate two vessels, Bergen Surveyor and Northern Genesis, during the summer season to acquire the NSR project. The data acquired by these vessels will be processed at TGS’ imaging center in Bedford, England. Fugro will also contribute two vessels, Geo Arctic and Akademik Lazarev, to acquire the MNR and NBR data, respectively. Fugro will process the data acquired on those two projects.

With the 2010 acquisition program, TGS’ total long offset grid on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) increases to approximately 260,000 km, constituting the most important 2D seismic dataset for the oil industry in the NCS. Data from the three surveys will be available for customers from Q4-2010.


Source:tgsnopec , June 14, 2010: