Norwegian Wave Energy Developer Welcomes HVL Students

Photo: GCE Ocean Technology

Students from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen (HVL) are doing their bachelor theses with topics based on Waveco’s wave energy technology.

In February this year, eight students and their supervisor visited Waveco’s cooperative enterprises Stadt Towing Tank AS and Easy Form AS near Måløy.

Waveco’s wave power solution is based on the turbine invention from 2014 by Inge Bakke – the founder of this Norwegian wave energy developing company.

The Subwave turbine, called so because it will operate in the safe haven below the wave zone, is a double-winged, counter-rotating water mill, hanging about a 100 meters under a buoy floating on the surface. When the buoy is affected by ocean waves, the turbine will alternately be lifted up and sinking down in the calm and dark water in the depth, forcing the wings to excert torque on the rotors and generate electricity.

A model is made and tested in sea and towing tank. Several tests will be conducted to learn more about wing design with regard to rigidity and shape. The model has a diameter of one meter. Full size for energy production will probably be about 15 meters, according to Waveco.