Nova Innovation Eyes Nova Scotia Tidal Project

Nova Innovation has applied for a Demonstration Permit to construct a 1.5 MW tidal energy array in Petit Passage, Nova Scotia – The Nova Tidal Array.

The proposed location of the Nova Tidal Array is in the Petit Passage Marine Renewable Energy Area.

The array would be developed in three 0.5 MW phases. Turbines will be deployed gradually within each phase, so that environmental effects can be carefully monitored, the company said.

The first 0.5 MW will be further split into two phases to enable deployment and environmental monitoring of a single turbine first (Phase 1a), before the next four turbines are added to the array (Phase 1b).

Each phase of the project will be monitored to build an understanding of any environmental effects of the turbines before the next phase proceeds.

Nova is currently discussing the best approach to phasing with the Nova Scotia and Federal Government, First Nation Communities, the fishing community and local residents. Significant work will be carried out to gather information on the marine environment in Petit Passage before Nova deploys the first turbine.

The array will use the Nova M100-D (100 kW) turbine. This consists of a two-bladed rotor, with a watertight steel cover enclosing the drivetrain, supported on a steel gravity base frame.

The Nova M100-D sits on the seabed and provides ample draft clearance for marine traffic. Use of a gravity base frame means no seabed drilling or additional site works are required and decommissioning is straightforward.

Nova Innovation CEO, Simon Forrest, said: “We have been working for a number of years towards developing a tidal energy project in Nova Scotia.

“If approved, this project will help place Nova Scotia at the forefront of the industry, positioning the province as a global leader and centre of excellence in tidal energy.  In addition, the region will benefit from the creation of skilled jobs with Nova and in the wider supply chain.

“Nova have a strong track record in collaboration and successful project delivery and look forward to working with stakeholders to deliver this exciting project.”