Photo: Ingrid Sølvberg; Source: NPD

NPD reveals new executive team

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has revealed almost its entire new set of level-two executives with ten of eleven now in place.

The NPD said that six new directors of the organisation were hired earlier this year. This change in the management constellation, according to the NPD, has come about in connection with a new statute governing central government employees in Norway.

The Act states that managers can no longer occupy rotational positions, as was previously the case in the NPD.

Instead, they must be employed in permanent positions. Discontinuation of the rotation scheme meant that the organisation had to advertise all management positions, both externally and internally.

Director general of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) Ingrid Sølvberg, said: “We’ve recruited both in-house and externally, and I think we have succeeded in putting together a competent and broad-based management group. There were around 170 applications for the ten level-two executive positions. The fact that so many were interested in helping to bring the NPD forward is very good to know and very motivating”.

The new ten managers are separated into several management groups. The management group of the licence management area, led by director Kalmar Ildstad, consists of Wenche Tjelta Johansen, NielsErik Hald, and Tomas Mørch. The areas of responsibility have not yet been distributed among the managers.

Management group in the primary area technology and coexistence, led by director Torgeir Stordal, has three more people – Arne Jacobsen, Kjersti Dahle Grov, and Erik Nilsen Rundell. The areas of responsibility have not yet been distributed among this group of managers either.

Management group in the primary area of analyses and data management, led by director May Karin Mannes, has only two more members – Hilde Nordbø and Nadine MaderKayser.

The last management group – primarily focused on organisation and IT, led by director Erik Garshol, has Tommy Rafos and Louis Vos as its two other new members.