NYK Receives ISO 14001 Certification in Australia


NYK’s Sydney and Melbourne offices received ISO14001 certification in February 2012 for NYK’s Global Multisite System, giving the NYK Group ISO14001 certification in all six of its global regions — North America, Central and South America, Europe, China, Asia, and Oceania — in addition to Japan.

In 2002, the NYK Group’s environmental activities on board all its ships in operation — not only on its own vessels but also on its chartered ones — received ISO14001 certification. In fact, this inclusion of chartered vessels was a world first. In 2003, the certified sites were expanded to include Europe, North America, and South Asia; in 2009, East Asia was added, followed by Central and South America in 2011 and Australia in 2012. As of today, about 110 key locations in Japan and the six global regions have been certified for the company’s environmental activities around the world.

Under its global standardized environmental management vision, environmental policy, and environmental management system, NYK has established a Safety and Environmental Management Committee in each of the six regions, where a chief of environmental management is assigned by a regional supervising company to promote the group’s environmental efforts. NYK is proud to have established the world’s largest network for environmental activities by a comprehensive logistics group.

By proactively developing and implementing this environmental management system at key global locations, the NYK Group will contribute to the betterment of the global environment and the achievement of a sustainable society.


World Maritime News Staff, March 8, 2012