Oceanlinx Unveils Highly Optimised blueWAVE Unit, Australia

Oceanlinx Unveils Highly Optimised blueWAVE Unit, Australia

Oceanlinx unveiled the highly optimised blueWAVE design that is a smaller, lighter and a cheaper wave energy solution for deep water applications.

Oceanlinx’s continued development and expertise in the wave energy sector has allowed the company to further improve the blueWAVE design to ensure even better performance and also a reduction in overall costs. Each blueWAVE platform is now rated at an impressive ≥3MW.

The device is a cluster of six oscillating water columns designed for deep water application and large utility scale power generation.

The blueWAVE structure comprises a cluster of floating OWCs joined by a space-frame. It is an anchored floating steel device, located in approximately 40-80m of water. By clustering OWCs there is a reduction in electrical infrastructure required, which reduces cost and increases efficiency. The top of each row extends above sea level, where a single airWAVE turbine and the electrical control systems are housed.

Each blueWAVE device is floated to its deployment site, where the task of securing the anchoring system takes place. The method of anchoring the device to the bottom of the ocean depends on the geotechnical nature of the seabed, whilst utilising gravity, drag, and suction anchors.

The electrical output of the blueWAVE device will depend on the local wave climate. In a good climate, a single blueWAVE device would be rated at 3MW or more.

The unit can be dedicated to the production of electricity, desalinated seawater, or both.

On March 1st, the company presented the official design of its greenWAVE unit, due to be built and installed in Port MacDonnell by late 2013. It will be the world’s first 1MW single unit wave energy converter.

The greenWAVE is a single oscillating water column designed for shallow water application. It is made of simple flat packed prefabricated reinforced concrete and sits under its own weight on the seafloor without the need of seabed preparation.

There are no moving parts under water, with the top of the device housing the airWAVE turbine and electrical control systems. The greenWAVE unit can easily provide cost effective coastal protection.

March 15, 2013; Image: Oceanlinx