OEE backs tidal lagoon developments in UK

Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) has supported tidal lagoon developments in the UK in a submission to the UK Government’s independent review of the tidal lagoon industry.

The submission pointed to the growing level of support for the development of ocean energy at regional, national and, in particular, at EU level.

It also highlighted the important role ocean energy technologies, such as tidal range, have to play in the future energy system based on low-carbon technologies.

“The UK is currently the world-leader in ocean energy, possessing some of the best tidal resources in the world and having started technological and industrial development of the sector before most other countries. As such, continued support for the development of tidal technologies and tidal lagoons will give British companies an uncontested advantage in the global ocean energy market,” OEE said.

The review into feasibility of tidal lagoons, whose results are expected to be announced this autumn, was launched by UK Government in February this year. It is led by the UK’s former Minister for Energy, Charles Hendry.

“Tidal range and tidal lagoons fit firmly with the EU’s, Member States’ and companies’ ocean energy strategies. Through the development of the first tidal lagoons, the UK would position itself as the centre of future developments,” said Jacopo Moccia, Policy Director at OEE.

Ocean Energy Europe is a Brussels-based industry group representing the renewable ocean energy sector in Europe which acts as the main link between Europe’s ocean energy industry and the EU institutions, and EU Member States.