OEEC: Master Class for HR in offshore energy

The final Master Class at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, organized in cooperation with Ditio Project Controls Management, on Wednesday, October 26, was a dedicated HR professionals session on how to handle layoffs as well as recruitment during a downturn.

The master, René Annema, Head of Outplacement & Relationship Management at the Ministry of Defense, spoke about learning from military sourcing of talent and the employability and outplacement strategies during a downturn.

The Ministry of Defense has an extensive track record in pro-actively stimulating the employability and outplacement of her employees.

In this interactive master class attendees discovered how the Ministry of Defense successfully introduced HR strategies on recruitment, employability and outplacement and discussed how these strategies were applicable within the offshore and energy sector.

Annema: “Reorganizations are something we deal with regularly, much like the offshore energy industry. By explaining how we recruit and retain I hope we can inspire each other how to deal with such HR issues and perhaps even find ways to cooperate, much like we are trying to do within the IT industry.

“The Dutch Ministry of Defense currently runs a flexible personnel system, as we cannot always offer lifetime employment. As such we need to find a way to coordinate job trajectories and help people find suitable jobs outside of the military.”

René Annema graduated from the Dutch naval academy in 1997 with a specialization in business administration and law. Over the years he has held different operational logistic and HR positions on several Dutch warships including the United Nation mission SHARP GUARD in former Yugoslavia and drug enforcement operations in the Caribbean. In 2004 he was appointed as a board member of the Association of Navy Officers.

In 2008 he left the Navy and joined Human Capital Group as a senior HR business consultant taking care of key projects for clients including Ericsson, RABO-bank, Deloitte. In 2015 René was reassigned by the Navy as a lieutenant-commander responsible for the outplacement and employability program of the Ministry of Defense. He takes charge of all the key accounts including Shell, Damen, Red Wave.

Source: Navingo BV

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