OERA opens tidal monitoring research call

Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) has launched a $150,000 call for proposals to improve techniques for the environmental monitoring of tidal power.

OERA has partnered up with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy, and Innovacorp to develop new approaches for measuring the interaction between in-stream tidal devices and the marine environment.

A total of $150,000 is being invested towards the initiative with the expectation that one or two projects will receive funding, with the deadline for proposals set for January 18, 2017.

“The key to developing a sustainable and successful tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia is understanding how turbines interact with the Bay of Fundy,” said Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director OERA. “This research will not only help us enhance the environmental monitoring of tidal turbines, but it could also lead to the development of new technologies that are developed here and exported abroad.”

Michel Samson, Nova Scotia Energy Minister, said: “The economic potential of this resource is truly incredible as well as its potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The sustainable development of this new industry is an important part of our research and development agenda.”

Innovacorp is Nova Scotia’s early stage venture capital organization that works to find, fund and foster innovative Nova Scotia start-ups.

OERA aims to enable the sustainable development of Nova Scotia energy resources through collaborative offshore energy and environmental research and development, including examination of renewable energy resources and their interaction with the marine environment.