OES launches Dropped Objects Prevention Programme

The OES Oilfield Services (OES) Group has launched a new safety training and support programme of the offshore sector, the Dropped Objects Prevention Programme (DOPP).

OES launches Dropped Objects Prevention Programme

DOPP has been specifically designed to minimise the number of dropped object incidents that can occur on oil and gas projects, at the same time supporting and enhancing the delivery of a dropped objects prevention plan.

DOPP encompasses control and prevention of dropped objects, enabling crews to recognise potential dropped objects and their responsibilities.

DOPP has been categorised into four key stages.

The first stage raises awareness of the issues followed by practical training sessions in key aspects of dropped objects prevention. Subsequently, OES inspectors undertake a dropped objects survey.

To complete the programme, OES delivers the application and installation of software to rig personnel as a working real time tool to keep local control of dropped object prevention on the installation.

Maitland Hyslop, CEO of OES says: “The Dropped Object Prevention Programme is the first of a series of new products from OES designed to make managing risk and safety in and on oil installations safer while, at the same time, placing control of these items progressively in the hands of the crew so that they know at all times the status of their installation.

“The Dropped Object Prevention Programme is part of our Executive Chairman Richard Upshall’s vision of ensuring both leadership for OES in the inspection sector and delivering to installations a real-time means of improving the management of risk and safety.”

Paul Livingstone, Business Development Manager at NOF Energy, said: “NOF Energy members such as OES are helping to drive the offshore safety agenda and ensure that the competencies of offshore crews are continually updated. This programme will be of real benefit to offshore installation operator.”


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