Offshore safety body checks emergency preparedness on ‘Maersk Intrepid’

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Norway’s offshore safety watchdog, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), has found a number of non-conformities and improvement points during an audit of the Maersk Intrepid rig.

The PSA said on Wednesday that it carried out an audit of Maersk Drilling’s management of emergency preparedness and employee participation on the Maersk Intrepid drilling rig.

As a result of the audit, non-conformities were identified relating to non-conformity handling, competence and training of the MOB team/operations, training of the emergency preparedness organisation offshore, maintenance of doors and emergency preparedness equipment, the design and follow-up of fire stations, the securing of loose equipment, emergency lighting, emergency preparedness assessments, and chemical exposure.

Also, the PSA found improvement points relating to ignition source controls, the helideck, and means of evacuation from lift shafts.

The offshore safety body added that the object of the audit was to verify the management of emergency preparedness based on risk analyses and emergency preparedness assessments and how emergency preparedness is organized as well as how the working environment committee (AMU) members and the AMU itself functions.

The PSA also investigated which equipment is available in emergency situations, the management of employee participation, including the organization and involvement of the safety representative service on board, the working environment competence of the safety representatives and line managers as well as follow up on previous audits.

The regulator told Maersk to report on how the non-conformities and improvement points will be addressed by September 1, 2017, at the latest.

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