OMS Upgrades Its ‘Auga’ Weld Inspection Tool

Optical Metrology Services (OMS) has released a new version of its Auga weld inspection technology, the OMS Auga Lite.

The new Auga Lite, which is currently being utilised on a project in the Middle East, has been developed specifically to be more agile and can be packed into cases prior to deployment, the company explained.

Richard Brown, OMS research and development manager, said: “Not only is this tool a world-beater in terms of image quality and software analysis, but it can also be deployed by crawler into difficult to reach locations at long distance (1 km is possible), vertically, up slopes or horizontally and around bends. We incorporate, when necessary, forward and rearward looking cameras to allow the operator to navigate to points of interest. Also, whilst most of our customers want to use this device for weld inspection, we can also use it to inspect pipes for corrosion, dents, gouges, pipe shape and fit-up both during fabrication of during service life for integrity management.”

Dr. Tim Clarke, managing director and founder of OMS, stated: “Although we have developed a large number of weld inspection tools and worked on many projects around the world for over 10 years, recently, with the help of our Auga technology, we have been able to exceed 50% of our annual income from inspection work which has increased from less than 10% previously. Our clients trust us to provide a cost-effective service along with exceptional quality – a truly unbeatable combination”.