OneSubsea, Chevron in Subsea Systems Development JIP

OneSubsea, a Cameron and Schlumberger company, and Chevron U.S.A. Inc. have entered into an agreement to form a joint industry program (JIP) to develop subsea systems technology for 20,000-psi applications.

The JIP, known as the 20Ksi Subsea System Development Program, will address the technical challenges presented by high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) reservoir environments for development of 20,000-psi subsea systems.

OneSubsea will lead the JIP by completing a portfolio of technology development projects and managing the evolution of the required enabling technologies in order to address Chevron’s high pressure field development challenges, and those of the wider subsea industry, the company said.

OneSubsea uniquely integrates the technology experience and reservoir knowledge that is fundamental to developing reliable, robust and advanced technical solutions required for successfully producing hydrocarbons from challenging HPHT reservoirs,” said Mike Garding, OneSubsea Chief Executive Officer. “By collaborating with Chevron, a world-class operator, we can combine expertise to drive the development of economically viable and advanced technology solutions that the subsea industry requires.”