OSIL Environmental Monitoring Buoys for Middle East

UK-based oceanographic equipment manufacturer, Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL), has recently shipped a network of 8 MetOcean buoys to the Middle East for use in environmental monitoring.

The 1.2-meter tern buoys were equipped with Hydrolab multiparameter sondes for water quality monitoring, and GPRS telemetry equipment.

The systems measure conductivity, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and pH at 10-minute intervals, which is reported to a base station every hour.

“This is another great example of OSIL’s ability to deliver high quality, complex, integrated systems that meet client requirements on time and within budget,” said Dr Richard Williams, managing director of OSIL.

The tern buoys are platforms for use in mixed coastal environments and can be moored in a variety of water depths ranging from 3m to 50m.

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