PCS, VEM Sachsenwerk to Celebrate Their Partnership at HUSUM, Germany

PCS, VEM Sachsenwerk to Celebrate Their Partnership at HUSUM, Germany

Two German companies have joined forces to sustainably optimize electricity generation from wind energy. For the first time ever, PCS Power Converter Solutions from Berlin and VEM Sachsenwerk from Dresden are offering a thoroughly tested and perfectly integrated combination of full power converters and synchronous generators. A beer reception at the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair is planned to celebrate the new partnership on September 19, at 6 pm, in Hall 3 at Booth 3A11.

The combination of PCS full power converters and VEM synchronous generators has created a new standard for the efficient generation of electricity using wind energy: The innovative full power converter and synchronous generator solution combines both companies’ areas of expertise. The modular design allows for redundant configurations.

Thanks to the fault ride-through capability and reactive power management, output is reliably fed into the grid reliably both onshore and offshore. The new system is being premiered at the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair at PCS Power Converter Solutions’ booth.

Successfully passed all tests

During one of the first test phases, in February 2012, the calibration of the components was successfully tested. In July 2012, a permanent magnet 2.7 MW VEM synchronous machine with two winding systems was connected to a 6.0 MW load machine and tested together with two Green Line 1522 power converters that were connected in parallel.

The goal was to optimally calibrate the generator and the power converters in order to meet the demands of wind energy generation. Various load points and temperature cycles were run in order to test the relative heating of the generator’s permanent magnets and the individual efficiency factors of the entire system.

The results were a great success for PCS and VEM: The system generates reliable energy at power plant quality. The efficiency of the total system sets new industry standards. Higher energy yields are made possible, in particular during partial load operation, because the permanent magnet synchronous generator working together with the full power converter make it possible to achieve maximum yields, even at low wind speeds.

Beer reception for everyone interested

As part of a booth party at the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair, PCS and VEM are offering a toast to the new solution with their customers as well as all interested visitors. On Wednesday, September 19, 2012, all interested parties are invited to take a closer look at the new combination of full power converters and synchronous generators at 6 pm in Hall 3 at Booth 3A11. Representatives from both companies will be in attendance and will be glad to offer detailed explanations in a relaxed atmosphere.


Offshore WIND staff, August 23, 2012; Image: PCS Power Converter Solutions